Post office on the move

(WEAU) - For people living downtown, the post office is a convenient place to pick up and drop off their mail.

Eau Claire resident Eric Camp said, "I think its more convenient being down here. I mean there are more families that live in the downtown area or even on the other side of the river."

Now, the post office building is looking to downsize from its original 1962 building. This may mean it could move right next door to the corner of Barstow and Wisconsin Street.

Pete Nowacki, U.S Postal Spokesman said, "What we’re looking for in Eau Claire is a space from three to four thousand feet on about a one acre site and we would like it be within a mile of the current site."

The post office isn't the only one interested in the lot. The redevelopment authority did have one developer come forward with a proposal, John Mogenson.

Economic Development Director, Mike Schatz said, "The deal kind of fell apart not over price but over timing. The RDA board wanted to have it completed in four years and Mr. Mogensen's proposal was six years."

If the post office does vacate its current location. The RDA already knows what to do with the extra space.

Mike Schatz also said, "If the post office should leave, we would want to see it redeveloped into buildings and probably a parking component to it. We know as the area grows we'll need more parking in that area too. "

The U.S Postal Spokesman Pete Nowacki added that the move shouldn't affect the mail. Also, similar moves for post offices cost about 100 thousand dollars