Potholes keeping La Crosse city crews busy

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Crews in one city are staying busy as potholes are popping up.

La Crosse city crews were patching up potholes on Lang Drive Monday afternoon.

Assistant street superintendent Andy Bakalars said crews have been going through between eight and ten loads of coal patch a day.

He says that’s not normal this early on.

Bakalar said the best thing drivers can do if they see a pothole is to avoid it.

“We’re trying to get the worst the deepest ones and then eventually we’ll get the smaller ones. For now we’re just trying to get the bad ones. There’s hundreds of them out there, so give us time,” said Bakalars.

Auto repair shops say they’re planning to stay busy, because of the potholes.

Potholes can cause problems with things like rims and suspension.

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