Protecting furry friends from freezing temps

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- As we're preparing for the bitter cold, experts urge pet owners to pay extra attention to their furry friends.

Veterinarians say pets are just as susceptible to cold as humans are.
If you have to take an indoor pet outside, make it as short as possible.
As for outdoor pets, experts suggest to get them out of the wind into a sheltered area, like a garage, or a barn.
Veterinarians add, the most important thing is to get the pads of their paws off the freezing ground.

"Make sure they have plenty of food; they need the extra energy to stay warm,” said Veterinarian with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital Joan Schumacher.
“Make sure their water bowls don’t freeze, so that they have fresh water and still can drink and don't get dehydrated; bring them in the house for a couple of days if you can,” she added.

Experts say pets, just like people can get frostbite from the cold.
So pay attention to the tips of your pet's ears, and the bottom of their paws for any redness or sensitivity

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