Recall of city council president Audrey Kader

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LA CROSSE, Wis (WEAU)- La Crosse city council president Audrey Kader is being targeted by a group demanding her recall.

The group is called the ‘Restore La Crosse Committee’ and they are mainly upset over the recent elimination of the Committee of a Whole.

According to one of the group leaders Greg Luce, the committee the only way citizens could talk in front of the council without having to take preliminary steps.

The group needs to collect 158 signatures which are 25% of the district 11 voters to ensure the recall.

As of Thursday morning the group only needed 25 more signatures said Luce. The recall election is predicted to take place late January or early February.

“To me it’s sad. It’s one of these things that a small group can stir up so much frustration on the part of so many. What concerns me is how it will take away from doing productive things in the city,” said Audrey Kader in response to a question about how she was taking the latest

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