Recess just as important as class time

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(WEAU)--It's a kid’s dream come true!
The American Academy of Pediatrics released a study that says recess and free play are just as important as classroom time in a child's development.

“When kids are highly engaged they learn at a faster rate,” Terri Goettl with the Eau Claire School District

Research shows that play helps young kids develop cognitively and socially in a way that classroom work doesn't.

"Think about if you setting up a store and you have to sort and people have to go through a line. You have to add things up which is math and if you write a check that’s working on writing skills. In play all of those content areas are covered," said Goettl.

At Flynn Elementary School students have recess twice a day for 15 minutes each.

"Kids love it and they perform better when they get the breaks," said Carla Rubeck

Flynn PE teacher Carla Rubeck says they encourage kids to get creative and use what they're learning to make games and activities.

“They learn to play cooperatively, they learn to take turns and act as a team player and how to solve their problems if they have them,” said Rubeck.

The study also showed imaginative and active play helps re-charge our brains--and leads to healthier and happier children.