More parents choosing to 'Redshirt' their kindergartner

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis (WEAU) – You hear the term "Redshirting" most often in the world of sports. But now “Redshirting” is becoming more and more popular among parents. It's most often chosen for 'bubble kids' those children born in July and August and seen more with boys than girls.

Eric Snow is your typical 5 year-old. He loves playing outside and can tell you all about his favorite super hero Spiderman.

"Eric has always been an energetic playful kid," said Eric’s mom Stephanie Snow.

But when it came time to starting school, Eric's mother, Stephanie says she had some concerns. Eric’s birthday is August 31st just one day before the cut-off date for starting kindergarten.

That means some of Eric’s classmates could be nearly a year older

"Parents sometimes feel like their kids are going to be at a disadvantage if they are the youngest," said Kris Dimock with the Eau Claire School District.

Dimock says there is no magic calendar date that will tell you if your child is ready to start school.

"What we know about young learners, is that really from birth to age 8, kids learn at a different rates. So our approach is that we are ready for your child not matter what development level they’re at," said Dimock

The Snow's chose to send Eric 4-K first and see how he did.

“We wanted to get him on a learning track because he does better with structure and I was worried about not challenging him,” said Snow

Stephanie says he did well and so Eric started kindergarten this fall.

"We are watching him really closely this year," said Snow.

One of the concerns among parents is if the year in age will have an effect on their child in middle or high school.