Religious Freedom Rally goes national

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LA CROSSE, Wis (WEAU)- Thousands rallied together today across the nation against the birth control mandate.

The nation wide rally consisted of more than 150 cities and 80 thousand participants.

In La Crosse more than 100 people showed up to express their beliefs.

“It forces people in institutions to cover drugs and devices that can cause abortions and many devices that violate the integrity of their faith," said Wisconsin Pro Life Director, Steve Karlen.

The Supreme Court will be ruling on the Affordable Care Act by the end of June.

Democratic Party Chair Vicki Burke did comment on the rally saying;
“What they are upset with is just an individual part of Obama care. I think it’s fair and that insurance companies should be required to provide health care for women.”

If the Supreme Court doesn't find the mandate unconstitutional, rally leader Elizabeth Garibaldi says she will keep on fighting.

“If they don’t were in line and gathering steam to be able to fight. We will let our administration know we won’t allow 1st amendment rights to be attacked and removed from us,” said Garibaldi.

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