Report: Should schools crack down on 'dirty' dancing?

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis --Schools are cracking down on ‘dirty’ dancing. With prom just around the corner, schools across the country and here in the Chippewa Valley are looking to keep dances fun, but appropriate.

This year North High School Principal Dave Valk says North will be handing out a waiver to students as a reminder to dance appropriately and to refrain from too much PDA or personal display of affection. And both parents and students say that’s not a bad idea.

It's a rite of passage. Prom is a chance for teens to dress up and dance the night away.

But the choreographed dance numbers we’ve seen in movies like ‘She’s the Man’ isn't what you'll see at most proms. Instead, it's the bump and grind.

"I think it’s fine since it’s sort of after school activities," Eau Claire Memorial Student Forrest Davis, said.

Davis says most of what he sees at school dances isn't too dirty.
But others have a slightly different take,

"You have to respect yourself you don't want people thinking of you like that," Tamara Lynos said.

Lynos’s granddaughter attends North High School.

“It’s the music you hear on the radio. It’s all about sex so if it gets played at the dance what do they expect to happen," Lynos said.

She says she likes knowing her granddaughter’s school takes an active role to teach kids to keep it nice.

“You have to be appropriate when you are in public," said Lynos.

While the Eau Claire School District says they don't have a policy on 'dirty dancing' students say the dances are well chaperoned.

For many teens that’s a good thing.