Rescued Cadott horses rehabilitating, awaiting adoption

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EAU CLAIRE/CADOTT, Wisc. (WEAU) - Nearly one week after dozens of dogs and horses were removed from a Chippewa County farm, many are getting healthy and finding homes, but help is still needed.

Sharlyn Fellenz, who rescues horses with Refuge Farms in Spring Valley said the cold weather and drought conditions, combined with a struggling economy, can mean danger for hungry horses.

"This year, it's the hay. Because a lot of people can't get the hay. Hay is more expensive, there's people way upping their prices. In general, it's just frozen water, carrying buckets, that kind of thing, especially with a horse that's a little thinner, that's going to need to be separate and need extra time, work and money. I think it's harder for them to step up in the winter," Fellenz said.

Last week, Fellenz and other animal lovers went to a Cadott farm, where at least 17 horses and 36 dogs were removed from Betty Damerow's home, with several malnourished and in need of care.

"(Damerow) was very good hearted, was trying really hard to save these horses and dogs. She just had too many and willingly surrendered them," Fellenz said.

With plans to remove ten more horses, Fellenz said she's happy with what she and other rescuers were able to accomplish, but knows there's more work to do.

"It's hard to find homes regardless, but this time of year especially. So we are lucky everybody's kind of stepping up and helping out."

"There's quite a few people interested in adopting, but we're definitely going to need foster homes and adoptive homes for them, especially if we're going to have the other ten come in," Fellenz said.

Anyone interested in adopting a horse can contact Refuge Farms at (715) 772-3379.

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