River Falls earns Bird City designation

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RIVER FALLS, Wis. (CITY OF RIVER FALLS NEWS RELEASE) -- “The City of River Falls has once again earned the designation as a Bird City Wisconsin Community at the Sustained Flight level for 2014.

In recognizing this accomplishment the Steering Committee for Bird City Wisconsin, stated the following:

“It is an accomplishment that keeps your community in the forefront of efforts to forge a statewide coalition of citizens and public officials who know that birds are more than beautiful -- they are significant.
Having recently recognized our 76th Bird City community, we also want to say a special thank-you to our 15 inaugural year communities, including River Falls, now being recognized for a fourth year. We believe that this recognition not only promotes strategies for bird-centered conservation activities, it also presents the kind of image that most citizens want to have for the place they live, conduct their business or ask people to come visit. The Steering Committee continues to value the level of cooperation that exists between the City and the St. Croix Valley Bird Club in promoting educational activities. “

The City of River Falls and St. Croix Valley Bird Club jointly sponsor International Migratory Bird Day. This year’s event will be held on May 3, 2014. For more details see the City of River Falls Community Activity Guide.

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