Road clearing continues, neighbors helping each other out after storm

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ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU) - Plows were still out, clearing residential streets Friday, and neighbors have relied on each other to make it out of their driveways.

John Gillingham of Altoona got stuck in his driveway and many others had that same surprise Friday morning as heavy snow and slippery conditions, slowed or stopped many from getting where they needed to go.

“I've seen stuff like this when I was a kid, but it's been awhile. As far as snow accumulation and stuff like that, it's pretty deep,” Gillingham said.

Eau Claire Street Maintenance Manager Steve Thompson said the biggest challenge trucks had, were downed cable lines that blocked traffic.

“The trucks couldn't get down those roads because they were hanging so low and we had to set up barricades and reroute traffic,” Thompson said.

He said even if cars are stuck on the street, odd-even parking is still in effect, and they could be ticketed by police.

One good Samaritan took his tractor to Altoona , clearing out at least 12 driveways without being asked.

Clint Heiman said it's something he's been doing for five years in his dad's neighborhood.

“I've seen a lot of snow blowers that pushing any snow because it's too wet and too thick,” Heiman said. “Just trying to lend a helping hand, and ease a little back pain on everybody.

“I just hope that everybody that I helped out today will in turn help somebody else out in the future.”

Some staying home unexpectedly were surprised to get help too.

“We got ready for school and were hoping to go to school,” Adrian Diaz of Eau Claire said.

“Our neighbors made it easy for us. We would have been here way longer if we had to clean up the end of our driveway.”

Thompson said unplowed areas haven't been forgotten.

“Just be patient. This is some difficult stuff to plow and they're doing the best they can. We're going to keep continuing to plow until we get everything cleaned up,” Thompson said.

After some shoveling and pushing, Gillingham was able get back on the road.

“The weather didn't get me down too much," he said.

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