SKYWARN 13: Powerful storms cause damage, flooding in SE Minn.

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ST. CHARLES, Minn. (WEAU) -- Mother Nature packed a powerful punch in a Southeastern Minnesota town.

It left a farm in St. Charles badly damaged.

Part of the roof on the Persons’ family farm was blown off, and a truck’s windshield was smashed.

“Everybody is safe, and they’re a very hearty bunch. We’ll all pull together, and pick up from here and do well,” said Keith Persons.

Keith Persons said the storm hit around 5:20 Sunday night.

There were 30 cows outside when the storm hit, but none of them were killed, and only one ended up with a scratch.”

“When this happened the barn went down and the fence around them was collapsing, and the cattle just more less went out into the hayfield to the north side of the homestead here, and just helped themselves to some fresh grass,” said Persons.

Persons said the neighbor who owns the cows came to get them, and had them corralled within an hour.

“This storm also happened one day after my mother’s 88th birthday, and so some birthday present,” said Persons.

Although the storm has been hard on his parents, Person said the neighbors have been very supportive and everything damaged can be replaced or repaired.

“We have a real faith in the Lord, and we trust God that this is all part of his doing, and it’s in His time that things happen.”

This isn’t the first time the Persons family’s farm has been hit.

A tornado took everything but the house 60 years ago.
SPRING VALLEY, Minn. (AP) -- A powerful band of storms with strong winds and heavy rain uprooted trees, flooded roads and caused structural damage in southeastern Minnesota.

Some residents in the Olmsted County community of Stewartville headed for the basement Sunday when the wind started to pick up. One property owner says the storm snapped more than three dozen trees. In St. Charles, the Person family farm sustained significant damage. KTTC-TV reports heavy wind blew part of the roof off the barn and caused other damage.

Residents in Spring Valley worked to build sand bag barriers overnight as heavy rain caused localized flooding. Some schools were delayed by 2 hours Monday morning, including Le Roy-Ostrander and Southland public schools, because of flooding.

In Mower County, part of Jellystone Campground is flooded with campers surrounded by water.