SUNRISE EXCLUSIVE: Teen chef Joe Luginbill makes a BIG announcement!

Have you heard of Joe Luginbill? He’s an Eau Claire teenager who’s making quite a splash in the cooking world.

His web cooking show, “Joe’s Kitchen”, has millions of followers on YouTube and he also has a radio show on Los Angeles talk radio.
He was also recently ranked as the #1 ‘Most Entertaining Celebrity Chef’ on the website,

On Friday morning, he shared a recipe…and a big announcement…with all of our Sunrisers!

He is launching his own company, along with several community partners and investors.

Here’s the official statement:

"Luginbill Omnimedia is a diversified media and merchandising company founded by Joe Luginbill and other investors. It is organized into four business segments: Publishing, Internet, Broadcasting media platforms and Merchandising product lines. Luginbill Omnimedia's business holdings include a variety of print publications and television and radio programming."

He also says he’s partnering with Mega Foods as a spokesperson.

To learn more about Joe, visit or search for him on YouTube.

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