Sen. Johnson stops at Xcel Energy in Eau Claire

(WEAU) - Senator Ron Johnson made a stop in Eau Claire to talk business.

He visited Xcel Energy Friday afternoon to talk with employees and give an overview on legislation he has been working on in Washington D.C. Johnson serves on a number of committees including the budget, small business and entrepreneurship, and science and transportation committee.

He talked to us about his thoughts on balancing the federal budget.
"Everything we do in Washington should be targeted towards economic growth. Let’s make sure our tax environment is competitive with the world. Let’s make sure our regulatory environment is competitive with the world. Let’s start using our own energy resources. Let’s permit the Keystone XL Pipeline. That's what we need to do if we really want to start moving towards balancing the budget."

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a contentious project that if approved would carry oil extracted from tar sands in Canada more than 1,700 miles to refineries in Texas.

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