Senator Kapanke’s car damaged; gets death threats

Republican Senator Dan Kapanke says he's changing up his work schedule after getting death threats and having his car damaged.

Kapanke says he has to get his windshield fixed after someone cracked it in Madison. He says he noticed it after the collective bargaining reform bill passed last week Wednesday night. Kapanke also received threats by email and people have rallied outside his home.

Senator Dan Kapanke said "You know, I'm the person that's out here and some of these threats are against my family and that's again, where I kind of draw the line and I'm a little concerned for my family."

Representative Jennifer Shilling said "wanting to just continue to urge supports and urge those who respectfully disagree with Senator Kapanke and others that we need to be civil about this and respectful."

Kapanke says he hopes people on both sides of the political line will soon work together and work with governor walker's budget.

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