Sex offender to be released in Eau Claire


The Wisconsin Department of Corrections has notified the Eau Claire Police Department that Registered Sex Offender JAMES J. KAUFMAN, date of birth 12/13/1973, will be released from prison on 05/07/2012.
James J. Kaufman was convicted of 1st Degree Sexual Assault of a Child in Eau Claire County on 11/17/1997. He was also convicted of Possession of Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation of a Child on 05/11/1998 in Eau Claire County.

James J. Kaufman will be staying at 107 Randall Street in Eau Claire.
He is a lifetime Sex Offender Registrant and will be on GPS monitoring. He must be compliant with the following rules:

1. No unsupervised contact with minors
2. No entry in taverns, bars, or liquor stores.
3. No contact with the victim(s).
4. Not to consume alcohol or drugs
5. Comply with standard sex offender rules

Any Questions regarding James J. Kaufman’s release should be directed to the Division of Community Corrections supervisor at 715-836-4764.

The Eau Claire Police Department would like to remind the public that all sex offenders in Wisconsin are listed on the Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry website at http://offender.