Sex offenders would need to notify schools under new WI Assembly bill

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Paul Lande is spending the day outside with his three kids. He keeps a close eye on them.

"Make sure you know where they're going and who they're around, make sure they don't go off too far," he said.

He is always looking out for their safety. And on Tuesday, he is glad to hear the Wisconsin State Assembly has passed a bill, 95-1, that would require registered sex offenders to notify a school anytime they plan to be on school property.

"I think it's a good idea to have it on the books," he said.

He sees some concern though with enforcement since the only way to know who sex offenders are is by using the Sex Offender Registry.

"This is just to let the administration know they will be on the property for a certain time for a certain event," said Rep. Garey Beis. He is a co-sponsor of the bill.

He says this bill covers some of the reasons sex offenders would be on school property, such as parent-teacher conferences, or if they, say if they were required to be at a school for work, such as a construction job.

Officer Kyle Roder with the Eau Claire Police Department says they have run into some problems with sex offender violations in the past.

"We deal with them on site, we deal with them through the district attorney, as well through the Department of Corrections, so there are many players in that, and this would be one more addition to our role in dealing with sex offenders," he said.

"They kind of should have had that in the first place," said Monica Horner.

She and her husband, Joey, are hearing about the bill for the first time. Their daughter Chloe is too young to be out on her own but believe the bill is the right step forward for the future.

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