Sheriff's office creates Facebook page

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SHELL LAKE, Wis. (WASHBURN COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE NEWS RELEASE) -- The Washburn County Sheriff’s Office is now on Facebook. Use your Facebook search engine and look for “Washburn County Sheriff’s Office”. We are excited about the use of this new “crime fighting tool”. Along with our Text for TIP’s and our confidential phone number, Facebook is a great addition for fighting crime and informing the public and in some cases asking for your help in identifying individuals involved in criminal activity, missing persons, stolen vehicles or property.

We are excited to share information with the citizens of Washburn County, and those who travel through or otherwise enjoy our many recreational opportunities. We encourage you to visit us on Facebook regularly because the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office will use this forum for the sharing of pertinent information relative to the public’s safety and well being. We will not use Facebook for political commentary or for any purpose other than to inform or ask for your help. We ask that you please do the same. Derogatory or negative comments about any individual or organization would be very inappropriate and unacceptable.

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