Sightless horse guided by seeing-eye horse

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- A sightless horse named Skip is taking part in horse shows.

28-year-old Skip belongs to the Czeck family from Chippewa Falls. Both of Skip's eyes were removed because of glaucoma.

But Skip doesn't travel by himself. He attends all the competitions with his "seeing-eye" horse, 17-year-old Zipper. Although Zipper doesn't help him during shows, he helps Skip at home.

The family says Skip does amazing during the showings and most people wouldn't be able to tell that he is blind, but at home Skip relies on Zipper to be his eyes.

“Zipper is his eyes. Zipper tells him if he's going to run into the fence and if gets lost in the pasture. If it's rainy, then Zipper will come get him, and let him know that he is there and he has nothing to worry about,” said Skip’s owner Victoria Czeck.

Skip even got a few ribbons Saturday for his performance the Czeck's said he is excellent shape and hope he has many years left in him.