Silvermine preps wrapping up as jumpers arrive

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Ski jumpers from five different countries have come to Eau Claire, as final preparations wrap up for the Silvermine Invitational.

"We're generally getting the tent all squared away, we do a bunch on the hill, we had the final groom today, and put some boughs on it so they could at least ski. We have some boards and everything to put up, so it's last minute touch to really make it a show,” Chief of Hill Zach Jastrow said.

The 128th Silvermine Invitational kicks off Friday, but not before crews set up tents, groom the snow and ice the track.

Jastrow says the unpredictable weather has brought its own challenges.

“The snow got really wet, so that was a little bit tough, but once everything froze back down, we were able to get that done. We put about 450, 500 gallons of water on the track so it's really just a luge right now.

Jumpers from Slovenia, Finland, Norway, Canada and throughout the U.S. arrived Thursday to prepare.

“Everything looks good, they just have to get these fences set up and it looks pretty good right now,” jumper Miles Lussi, from Lake Placid, NY, said.

“You wouldn't really think of a ski jump here but there is one and it's in good condition. The hill crew did a great job,” Landon Livreri, also a jumper from Lake Placid, said.

The competition is set to begin Friday at 7:00 p.m.

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