Snow and ice storm causing a civil emergency in the deep south

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A large winter storm is and will continue to bring accumulating snow and ice through a large stretch of the deep south from Texas all the way to the Carolinas. Ten states down south are under winter storm warnings.

Northern portions of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and all of Arkansas could see snowfall totals of 3-7" of snow. Farther south the main concern is ice accumulating with some areas picking up as much as 3/4" of ice. An ice storm warning is in effect for south central Mississippi.

Conditions are expected to be so bad tonight that several counties in Mississippi and their emergency management officials have released a civil emergency message through the National Weather service stating that all roads will be closed tonight through most of tomorrow until conditions improve. Only emergency traffic will be allowed to use the roads.

Even the airport in Atlanta is bracing for the icy and snow weather canceling hundreds of flights tonight and tomorrow.

Already today snow has been piling up in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas causing headaches on the roadways and bringing many areas including Dallas their first snow of the season.

Winter weather advisories as well as winter storm warnings extend north in the Great Plains that have been seeing snow all day today as well. Areas in Nebraska could pick up as much as 6-11" of snow.
This is the snowfall that will eventually work into our neck of the woods by tomorrow evening.

Clouds will be on the increase tonight throughout Western Wisconsin. The snow should start for us beginning Monday evening, especially, starting out west. Snow showers will be likely Monday night through Tuesday night. Snowfall totals should be around 1-3" with higher amounts in Western portions of the viewing area. Roads could be a bit slick as well for the Tuesday commutes.

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