Something else at play? Eerie events happen at play's dress rehearsal

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- "I've never seen anything like this, it's beyond normal," said Karen Hurd, the Director of Proculas Vision, which is showing at the State Theatre in Eau Claire.

Hurd directs four to five shows a year, and has done so for the past sixteen years. But nothing compares to the dress rehearsal she says her cast went through on Wednesday night.

"It wasn't the breaking of the props and the smoke machines, the fog machines," she said.

That was just the start.

"It was within 20 minutes that two others got sick, and then a woman fell down the stairs, and then she actually broke both wrists and bloodied her chin," Hurd said.

After that she says it was a broken table that broke a pot. Karen and her cast began cutting away the idea that this was a coincidence.

"It has gone from props breaking to people breaking," said Ruth Hurd, who is part of the play.

She plays Procula, the lead in the show, and was a little unsettled by not knowing what was to come.

"Even like going into the Crucifixion scene we were like, is Jesus going to fall of the cross or what's gonna happen next?" She said.

"This whole thing started ripping from this end all the way down to here," Karen Hurd said.

The curtain and the heavy pipe holding it came ripping apart, giving everyone a scare.

"The rail ripping down was a first, I've never seen that before," said Michael Van Hemert who is also in the play.

He says the most unsettling part for him was everything happening at once. He called it a spiritual battle happening right in front of them as they practiced a play meant to bring people to God.

And perhaps it was what happened with the candle that illustrated the theory best.

"The candles they were lit and then they all went out, and then it's like what's going on, and then Jesus walks through and they all lit," Karen Hurd said.

"It was quite a bit unnerving," Ruth Hurd added.

Through it all Ruth says the cast stuck together to prepare for tonight, leaving last night with a lot of unanswered questions.

"There's a time to say something is coincidence or par for the course, there's a time not to," Michael Van Hemert added.