Spring storm creates driving, snow removal challenges in Eau Claire

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A spring snowstorm on Friday forced many people to spend at least part of their day digging out, and roads were left slick with slush and ice.

In Eau Claire, people started digging out before the snow stopped. Ralph Kinderman of Eau Claire was no exception. He may be 85-years-old, but don't let his age fool you. He's a lean, mean, snow-shoveling machine.

"It's hard on the back and the legs, but my wife says, when it's snowing this hard, you shouldn't be shoveling," Kinderman said. "I say every shovel I throw away now, I don't have to shovel afterwards."

He has spent a significant amount of time digging out over the last few months. In his 50+ years living in Eau Claire, he says the winter of 2014 has been the worst he's ever seen. When asked what he thought when he woke up this morning, he responded "What a miserable day this is going to be."

It was an especially miserable day for Justin Allen, a sandwich delivery driver. He lost control while on Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire, and crashed into a utility pole. "My car is dead. It's gone." he said. "The pole, I mean, it's there. I think it might have hit the top of my car. The back window went out. The airbags went off. I mean, it was just crazy, because I was going so slow."

"I'm good, I'm fine," he told us. "It was scary, but I'm good."

This latest round of storms was a rude awakening: spring may be here, but winter hasn't really left.

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