Staying healthy during the winter

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During the winter you may not be eating as healthy and working out less.

Mayo Clinic Health System said eating healthy is the first step to keeping a healthy weight during the winter,

Doctor said it’s ok to have treats, but you should eat them in moderation if you want to maintain or lose weight.

Some people we talked with said the winter can make it difficult to practice healthy habits.

“I think the winter weighs on you, because you don’t have your fresh garden vegetables, so we’re trying to compensate,” said Joe Cody.

“It’s sometimes hard on the brain to say, hey I got to get in the gym, but you can’t because the body’s saying no,” said Matt Zei.

Mayo Clinic Health System also said you should make exercise fit your schedule.

You can do this by having an exercise DVD at home, and doing it before or after work.