Staying on Track: New Year's resolutions

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis-- For many of us the New Year represents a fresh start! But a new study from the University of Scranton says only about half of people who make New Year’s resolutions stick with it for more than 6 months and only 8 percent make it the whole year.

The good news is that experts say there are things you can do to help you stick to your resolution. For starters, Chippewa County UW-Extension Family Living Coordinator Mary Geissler says split your resolution into smaller goals.

"Set small steps and once you start achieving goals it becomes very easy to make it a habit," said Geissler.

The number one New Year’s resolution every year is about getting healthy, but Geissler warns you not to focus on counting calories and pounds. She says people who make their goal to do something positive tend to have more success.

“I want to do the Eau Claire triathlon so I’ve been training for that," said Nikki Karlen.

Karlen and Storm Hinker say the key to their workout success is a buddy system.

"If you can work out with a friend you always have that accountability to show up," said Hinker.

Gold’s Gym in Eau Claire says on average it gains 600 new members during the first three months of the year.

Geissler says when it comes to the gym, focus on getting stronger.

“When you get stronger you'll start losing weight," said Geissler.
She also recommends writing down your goals. "Somehow when your sit down and write it down on a piece of paper you kind of hard wire your brain to be serious about this contract with yourself," Geissler.

Geissler says even small things like parking a block farther from work and walking can make a big difference in your health.

She also said look around for ways to motivate you. Many gyms are offering deals this time of year to help make memberships affordable.

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