Student arrested for bringing loaded handgun to school

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WINONA, Minn. (WEAU) -- A 15-year-old boy is in custody after police say he brought a loaded handgun to school, and it happened numerous times before someone said anything.

The Winona Area Public School Superintendent said administration was notified by another student on Thursday afternoon about the boy.

The superintendent said the boy wasn’t in school on Friday, and came to the high school for a meeting with his mom on Monday.

The Winona Police Chief said the student was arrested just after 8:30 Monday morning at the high school.

Police said the boy admitted to bringing the gun to school several times.

Police also said their investigation determined the boy had put the gun to the head of another student near the bike racks at the high school.

The superintendent said it’s disturbing to know that no one came forward sooner.

“There were several students, and at least one parent to our knowledge that knew this, and they never came forward with it, and I think that’s the most difficult part to understand,” said Dr. Scott Hannon.

Police say the gun was found at a relative’s home.

They said they’re still investigating who the gun belongs to, and how the boy got it.

Police have recommended charges to the Winona County District Attorney’s Office.