Students hand out safe drinking information before Homecoming kicks off

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- We’re just days away from the kick-off of UW-Eau Claire’s homecoming celebrations.

And to make sure students are partying safely, members of the Student Senate hit the streets on Tuesday night to hand out informational bags to off-campus houses.

Student Senator Briana Burke said 500 bags were handed out.
She said this is the first homecoming that the bags have been handed out.

“Drinking is going to happen, there's nothing we can do about that. But just getting the information out there and knowing that our students have the information so they can be safe and they can be responsible when they drink,” Burke said.

Bags contained safe drinking strategies, CASE’s Size Matters cups, alcohol poisoning magnets and other information to keep students safe.

The students worked with the Center of Alcohol Studies and Education to put the bags together.

The Eau Claire Police Department said there will be more than a dozen extra officers patrolling the campus area both Friday and Saturday.

Officers said this is to make sure students are being safe, but also to crack down on underage drinking.

So far this semester, officers have handed out more than 200 underage drinking tickets.

Those caught drinking underage have to pay a $263 fine.

Hosts of a party where there is underage drinking face a ticket close to $1,000.

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