Students learn what to do in case of an emergency

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(WEAU) --If an emergency happens, is your family prepared? Experts say the first 72 hours is the most critical time period during a disaster and having a plan ahead of time can save your family a lot of headaches.

That’s why, 5th graders at Sam Davey Elementary School learned how to put together emergency kits and set up disaster plans. It’s part of a program called STEP or Student Tools for Emergency Planning. Organizers say the hope the kids take what they learned home.

“We really want to empower the kids to take a leadership role and say 'hey mom and dad' have you thought about what happens during a tornado or if we can't get to our house or anything we might encounter in our lives," Tod Pritchard with Wisconsin Emergency Management said.

After the lesson, each student got to take home and emergency starter kit. 10, 000 kids across Wisconsin will participate in the program.