Students react to deadly Water Street fire

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)-- "I was devastated, because people that are dying, seems like, are younger and younger… and it's just not right.” said UW-Eau Claire student Grace Ingebritson.

Many UW-Eau Claire students saw today's fire as a wake-up call, realizing that no one is really protected from such tragic circumstances.

"It kind of scares me now... I mean, our house is old, but you don't really think about having a fire in your house,” said UW-Eau Claire sophomore Garret Olson.

"When something like this happens, makes you wonder, makes me feel kind off lucky that nothing like that happens more often,” said the neighbor of the fire victims Seth Mader.

Assistant chancellor of UW-Eau Claire Mike Rindo says the University is doing everything they can to help those affected by the tragedy.

"Making sure those students have the place to live, that they also have some food, and assistance in the monetary fashion."

Rindo also says at this difficult time it's important to address students emotional being, especially those directly affected by the tragedy.

"We obviously also want to take care of their emotional needs in a very trying times like these, so we will make available counseling services to them , and any other kind of support that is necessary, since this is obviously a very difficult situation,” says Rindo.