Study shows women may not be living as long

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Women may not be living as long as they used to. A recent study from the University of Wisconsin shows women in nearly 43% of U.S. counties, including some in our area have an increase in prematures deaths. That means living 75 years of less.

The study tracked data from 1992 to 1996 and 2002 to 2006. The researchers say some factors for more women dying earlier include, smoking, obesity and education levels. The study shows having access to healthcare didn’t impact mortality rates. However, some doctors here say that’s surprising.

“More and more of our patients are having trouble getting in to be seen, because of the cost. The biggest problem has been changes to the insurance,” said Dr. Joe Caron, Family Medicine Gundersen Lutheran.

“It is a little surprising when you think about the strides we’ve made in medicine that we actually have increased mortality rates in certain counties and parts of the country,” said Dr. Margaret Grenisen, Family Physician, Center for Womens Health Mayo Clinic Health System

When it comes to changing the mortality rate, doctors say go back to the basics, eat right, exercise and don’t smoke or do drugs.

“I think we as a culture, we may think we can do whatever we want and medicine will take care of it, but what it comes down to we have to make those healthy lifestyles ourselves,” said Dr. Grenisen.

“Anytime you see things going backwards this is something to definitely take notice of and it’s time to take action and try to make some changes,” said Dr. Caron.

Doctors also say it’s important to look at each city or county on an individual basis, because what might be a factor in one area may not be in another.