Successful opening weekend of Oktoberfest for P.D.

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LA CROSSE, Wis (WEAU)- La Crosse police had a successful opening weekend of Oktoberfest.

While the number of arrests were down from last year, the number of citations for underage drinking, open intoxicants, noise, disorderly conduct and trespassing was up more than 120 percent.

Unfortunately three officers were injured while making arrests this weekend. Two are already back on duty but one is on light duty until his evaluation. Lt. Patrick Hogan says the injuries will not be prompting the department to change their methods any time soon.

“It’s unfortunate but methods are not be to blamed. This business can be tough at times and there is a chance that officers can get injured,” said Lt. Hogan.

The new bike and boat patrol were a success along with the 3rd street aid station. The aid station assisted over 1,000 people, offered 682 bus rides, 173 phone charges, 17 medical issues and gave out over 2,000 wristbands.

There were 84 riverside park contacts compared to the 30 last year, and there were 1,073 calls for service compared to the 806 last year.

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