Supporters react to Clinton's speech in Eau Claire

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EAU CLAIRE, WIS. (WEAU) -- Word spread fast in Eau Claire about former president Bill Clinton's visit.

Earlier, supporters lined the streets of downtown, hoping to get a chance to hear the president speak.

While not everyone got to go inside, Clinton spoke to a crowd outside the Ramada before taking the stage.

The energy that brewed outside carried over inside, from start, until Clinton finished his speech.

"He had a powerful message for the people of Wisconsin, he speaks to the working class that are out there everyday putting their hearts into this," said Mickey Wentworth, who watched Clinton speak.

Wentworth is a teacher and was happy with what Clinton had to say, especially about education.

"Anybody that has a kid in college, or has college debt, you gotta vote for Obama or your college credits are gonna be cut," she added.

Others say Clinton delivered a good speech as well.

"I was just thrilled to see this man in person and it's exciting," said Kim Soha, who watched the speech.

"He talked a little bit about healthcare which is my concern because I have a husband in a nursing home, and I think he did a good job," said Gerk Goodman, who also watched the speech.

State Senator Kathleen Vinehout was at the event, and echoed the thoughts of supporters.

"He's very entertaining, he's right on and has facts to back up what he's saying, but people want to be entertained, and he puts on a fabulous show," she added.

Clinton will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow in Waukesha.

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