TOMMY VS TAMMY: Historic Race

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(WEAU)--The US Senate race appears to be in a dead heat.
Both Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson are making their final push for votes today in Western and Central Wisconsin. But no matter who wins tomorrow the race will make history.

At one of her final campaign events Baldwin thanked volunteers and told supports she's confident their hard work will pay off.

"I'm feeling good I think we are in a solid place heading in to the election," said Baldwin.

Democrat Tammy Baldwin is on the verge of state history.
If she is elected she will be the first woman and openly gay U.S Senator elected in Wisconsin.

But Baldwin told her supporters after the election is when the real work begins.

"In the first couple weeks maybe even months the new Senate is going to tackle some big issues from how to tackle the debt to passing a budget.

Baldwin says she is ready to get to work for the hard working people of Wisconsin.

Meanwhile tommy Thompson is also reaching out to voters on the eve of election day-- making a blitz around the state with Governor Scott Walker.
Thompson and Walker toured Mcdonough Manufacturing in Eau Claire.

“I want to build Wisconsin like Governor Walker is doing in Wisconsin like I did when I was governor,” said Thompson.

Thompson, who has been out of politics for 12 years says he got into this race to try to bring Washington back together and get the two parties to working together again.

“I’m ready to go to work for the people this state on Wednesday morning,” said Thompson.

If Thompson wins tomorrow he will also make history, it will be the first time Wisconsin would have two republican senators since the 1950's and at age 70 he would also be the oldest person ever elected to public office in Wisconsin.