Talk with Walker, the Governor hosted a Q&A for coulee region employees

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LA CROSSE (WEAU)- Governor Scott Walker was in the Coulee Region today hosting a question and answer session for the employees of Torrance Casting inc. Employees passed around a microphone asking Walker pressing questions from health care to water quality. We asked Walker about the upcoming legislative session after he made the comment that he plans to focus on job creation while putting social issues like abortion requirement at the bottom of his list.

“We have to have our primary focus again and again on creating jobs. Anything that distracts from that takes us away and that is a challenge. It’s not that I don’t think other issues are important,” said Walker.

Walker did comment on the John Doe investigation going on right now that has resulted in criminal charges against three former aides, saying that he believes the investigation will be over soon but doesn’t have much inside information.

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