Talking to your kids about guns in the home

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(WEAU)--Damion Skerhutt is an avid hunter and marksman.

“It makes me feel good to exercise my right,” said Skerhutt.

A passion he's passed down to his kids.

“We spend a lot of time shooting hunting together and shooting for fun,” said Skerhutt.

Skerhutt’s have several hunting rifles and a handgun in their home. Damion says the rifles stay unloaded and locked up, but he keeps his handgun loaded in a secure location.

“I don’t have any worry about having a gun in the house,” said Skerhutt.

He says both of his kids have taken a hunter safety class and as a family, they've talked about the danger of misusing guns.

“We know not to touch them its common sense, don't mess with them,” said Skerhutt.

Eau Claire Police Officer Kyle Roder says talking with your kids about guns is one of the best things parents can do.

“A gun can be a very useful tool but it can also be very powerful tool,” said Roder.

A tool the Skerhutt’s don't take lightly.

The Eau Claire Police Department says you should keep any gun in your home in a secure locked place and the department provides free gun locks for anyone who asks.