DECISION 2012: Tammy Baldwin makes history with Senate election win

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MADISON, Wis. (WEAU) -- It was an election for the history books as democrat Tammy Baldwin is elected Wisconsin’s first female U.S Senator and the openly gay member of the Senate.

WEAU 13 News was in Madison on election night as Baldwin took the stage at her campaign headquarters.

The Senator-Elect gave her victory speech before a packed crowd in downtown Madison.

Baldwin said the battle for the middle class is what her campaign was all about.

She wants to keep that a focus when she takes her seat in January.

“People have told them that they want a senator that listens to the middle class when they need help, a senator who will wake up every day and fight for the middle class,” Baldwin said.

The congresswoman from Madison said that's where her opponent, republican Tommy Thompson went wrong, playing to too many special interests.

Supporters told WEAU they wanted to make it to this event to be a part of history.

Baldwin will be Wisconsin’s first female U.S. Senator.

“And I am well aware that I will be the first openly gay member,” Baldwin said.

“I think it plays to Wisconsin’s progressive nature. It brings it back to the forefront,” said Baldwin supporter Colleen Reiley.

“I think Tammy is someone who can bring people together,” said Baldwin supporter Samantha Ziesemer.

Before taking the stage, Baldwin said she called the former Wisconsin Governor and thanked him for his years of service.

For those who voted for him, Baldwin had a special message.

“I will work with you, and I ask you to stand up with me to move our state forward. I will be a senator for all of Wisconsin,” Baldwin said.


MADISON (WEAU)- Tammy Baldwin took the stage at her Victory Party in Madison and claims to be the winner of the Wisconsin Senate Race.

Baldwin made history twice Tuesday. Baldwin will be Wisconsin's first female Senator, and she is first openly gay member of the Senate.

Baldwin beat Republican candidate Tommy Thompson. Neither Baldwin nor Thompson made her sexual orientation an issue in the campaign.

In her victory speech Baldwin said that she had talked with Thompson and he had congratulated her on her victory.

Baldwin will be replacing Senator Herb Kohl.