Tattoo Taboo: Does stigma still surround tattoos in the workplace?

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)- Tattoo taboo, does it exist? A recent poll shows about one in five people have a tattoo in the U.S. now. When it comes to jobs, managers look at a whole slew of things including visible tattoos.

“ I would have to say that my guess is most people are pretty okay with that nowadays,” Jon Seybold, general manager at Houligan’s Steakhouse said.

Seybold says his business does not have a policy against hiring employees with visible tattoos.

“We've had several staff front of the house and back of the house staff that have had visible tattoos and we haven't had an issue as far as our customers go,” Seybold said.

Over at Revival Records, the owner says he's more concerned about an employee’s skill level, rather than the ink on their skin.

“If they came in my shop and they were personable and knowledgeable I would hire them,” owner of Revival Records Billy Siegel said.

According to a study done by the University of St. Andrews, stigma still surrounds tattoos in the work place, and that's why tattoo parlors say they want to make sure clients take that into consideration before they get inked.

Justin Webb, owner of Midwest Tattoo says a lot of times he'll ask customers what job they have even before they get into a chair so they don't get a tattoo that they'll regret in the end

“It’s something that I go over with them when I’m going to give them a tattoo. A lot of times I see people that come in that want to get a tattoo in a visible area and a lot of times I ask them what's your job just to make sure that they can get the tattoo and they won't get fired for it,” Webb said.

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