Teachers not required to take drug tests in local districts

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Eau Claire (WEAU) - When a teacher applies to work in the Eau Claire school district, they hand in a resume and letters of recommendation. When they make it to the final pool of candidates, they get a background check. But throughout the hiring process, they are not screened for drugs.

"We don't with teachers do any sort of formalized testing or random testing for drugs," said Fred Weissenburger, the outgoing Human Resources Director for the Eau Claire school district.

He says bus drivers, maintenance workers and those who drive a lot are tested, in part due to state laws.

"Other than that across the district, we don't do drug testing at the present time," Weissenburger said.

The Eau Claire school district is not alone. School leaders in LaCrosse, Hudson and Black River Falls told us today they do not require teachers to take a drug test. And in Chippewa Falls, policies are developed and updated by an outside company. Right now they do not require a drug test.

"Ours our updated they're updated by experts that pay attention to all of the things we've been talking about and I am comfortable with our policies right now," said Chippewa Falls superintendent Thomas Hughes.

"I'm not aware of that having been discussed or felt like there was a major concern," Weissenburger said about the Eau Claire district.

He has been with the district for 19 years and says there has never been a major concern about teacher substance abuse. He says what is happening in Antigo as an isolated incident, not something to change present policies.

"If there were concerns about a particular individual there would be ways we could work with that individual as opposed to doing something across the whole staff," Weissenburger said.

We talked with several districts about their teacher drug testing policies. All told us they do not have a teacher drug testing policy:

-Eau Claire
-Chippewa Falls
-Black River Falls
-La Crosse

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