Tech savvy students teach seniors about their cell phones

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Technology can confuse and frustrate many of us. That frustration fueled the creation of classes at the L.E. Phillips Senior Center that pairs tech savvy students with question filled seniors.

Born in an era when rotary phones were the only phones around, cell phones can prove quite confusing for many seniors.

“When you get into the techie world, they want to know ya know they want to know, and cell phones were one of the biggest issues because they got them, their children want them to have them, but they don’t know how to use them,” L.E. Phillips Senior Center Director Mary Pica-Anderson says.

So the senior center started the classes, and senior' like Carlyn Conway who says she likes learning by doing, are taking advantage.

“I felt like I didn't know enough about my cell phone and I wanted somebody to actually work with me on it. Because I don’t always like to read directions,” Conway explains.

Conway was paired with UW-Eau Claire student Justine Fizel who says; why not share her cell phone knowledge with others.

“Today was my first time I had two people it went really well, the first one it was kind of just some basic questions and then the second one was kind of teaching how to do contacts and stuff like that. Stuff that is basic form, but could be hard for other people just starting out,” Fizel tells us.

But it's not only learning how to use your cell phone, the senior center also offers classes on how to connect via Facebook and Skype.

“The day and era when parents were living next to their children is passed, and many of these seniors they're children live miles away if not states away, even countries away and it gives them an opportunity to have face to face and watch their grandchildren grow up,” Pica-Anderson explains.

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