The day after the first big snowfall of the season

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- There are a few times during the year when Jordan Dickerson works what most would call "odd hours."

"I started right away at 7:00 yesterday, and went home at 1:00, then got back at 5:00 and got here ever since," Dickerson said.

Rest and relation, forget about it.

"I didn't sleep at all since yesterday," he added.

He has a shovel, snow blower, and luckily a co-worker nearby.

"Fatigue is starting to set in a bit, it's been a long shift," said Nathan Bollinger, Dickerson's co-worker.

They've been near the mall, some spots in Altoona, and now the toughest spot, downtown.

"It's also kinda tough downtown because there's nowhere to put the snow," he said.

Meanwhile, Olivia Haas is digging out her care before heading out to work.

"First I came out of my door and I fell, so that's a good start," Haas said.

Not the best start to the day, at least it was better than last night.

"I had to go to work last night too and I ended up sideways on the highway, so hopefully it's not as bad," she said.

Snowplows were out early helping make Olivia's drive safer. At the same time, making it easier for kids to get from place to place. Many started the day late or didn't have to go to school at all, including the Bascquez kids who were out early making a snowman.

Their plans are simple.

"Stay outside all day," said Melanie Bascquez.

Christopher Bascquez had mixed reaction about having the day off from school but little Melanie loves it.

"Excited because I wanted to go outside," she added.

After all, the first big snowfall of the season only comes once a year.

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