Things to remember while beginning outdoor exercise routines this weekend

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Nicole Roper and her family were some of the many people out on the walking trails at Owen park in Eau Claire on Saturday morning.

"This is our first time running with baby, she was too young, so we're new, we're learning to run all over again," she said.

It has been awhile since they have been able to really move their legs outdoors.

"We'll do a bit of jogging, ease on into it, and see how that goes," she said.

Easing into it is great advice says personal trainer James Riemer.

"The number one thing I see with runners and injuries is that people start too fast, too soon, whether it's a race or first time out for the season, they don't let their body just ease into it," he said.

He says you can learn a lot by just listening to your body.

"If you're running, start out slow, start with a light trot and build up a little more, and as your body feels a little comfortable, go a little faster," Riemer said.

If you have ambitions to do a race this summer, like a 5K, half-marathon or even marathon, now is the time to start thinking ahead.

Matt Evans with the Eau Claire Marathon Build-Up program says if you are racing a marathon, give yourself 16 weeks of training.

"But if you're doing some smaller races, sometimes you can wait a month out," he said.

If racing is not your thing, Riemer says just getting outside and moving your body has great health benefits.

"Probably about 75-80% of chronic diseases are preventable; just getting out and doing anything," he said. "Move well, then move often is a great little quote to follow."

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