This years extreme weather is taking a toll on area wineries

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First we had one of the coldest winters on record, now the trend is continuing with cooler than average temperatures this summer.

The weather is taking its toll on wineries in the area.
Today we spoke with Donna Sachs, owner of River Bend Vineyard and Winery in Chippewa Falls.

She says that the extremely cold winter caused many of the grape vines to die back further than usual. Making it harder for them to rebound this spring.

Sachs says last year conditions were perfect and wine production was above average. She says that will help balance this year's lower amounts.

Sachs says, "The good news is wine tends to get better as it ages. So having a good year followed by a not so good year. Things kind of even out."

Sachs says in her nine years of wine production winter 2014 was the worst she's ever seen.

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