Three referenda pass in western Wisconsin school districts

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(WEAU) -- Tuesday was election day in three Western Wisconsin communities, and it was a good night to be a district with a referendum.

In Arcadia, voters were asked whether they want to spend $14 million to build a new school for grades 5 through 8.

Voters there narrowly passed that referendum, with 53% voting for the new school.

The Rice Lake School District was asking voters for a little more than $20 million on building additions to the high school, middle school, and Tainter Elementary School.

They also had their referendum pass with 58% of the vote.

And finally in Cameron, voters were faced with whether they want to spend 23 and a half million to build a new elementary school and new athletic fields. It also includes renovating and adding onto the high school.

An overwhelming 63% voted in favor of those improvements.