Time bank site helps connect people, find help for tasks

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Every morning Cyndie Daniels pick up her phone and makes a call to a woman she met through the Chippewa Valley Time Bank, reminding her to take her medicine.

It takes her moments and is something she knows she can do. And then last winter when Daniels needed a hand shoveling her driveway, help was there for her.

"That was just remarkable to see someone out there with such a huge job," Daniels said.

That help came from Jeff Lizan who is also part of the Chippewa Valley Time Bank.

"I'm a fan of volunteerism, it's the ultimate form of responsibility to help others in the community," Lizan said.

The idea behind the site is for people to use their skills to help others. And the time they put into helping someone else is time they get back for someone else to help them.

"If I take a half-hour to rake your lawn, you would then pay me in a time credit and I could use that to have someone tutor me in math," said Kaylynn Stahlbusch, the Volunteer Coordinator for Eau Claire County.

Stahlbusch says more than 150 people across the Chippewa Valley have signed up for the site. People of all ages, doing all types of tasks.

"We have some individuals that are comfortable having an individual go pick up their prescriptions if they’re homebound," Stahlbusch added.

Sometimes it is even about companionship.

That friendship formed naturally between Daniels and Lizan.

"We started talking personally and stuff and she has given me advice and stuff," Lizan said.

Lizan is now hoping to find someone who can help him convert his car from gas to electric and provide a garage or space to do his art. But until that person comes along, this experience he says has been payback enough.

"Being able to meet someone that lives within a few miles of where we all live in, and meeting them, talking to them face to face, and seeing them as a human and kind person, and a friend you never knew about," Lizan added.

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