Tips on discussing the subject of abductions with children

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. -- Springfield, Missouri Police say they have found a body during the night that likely belonged to abducted 10-year-old Haley Owens.

She was taken as she walked from a friend's home to her home two blocks away late Tuesday afternoon.

That night, police arrested Craig Michael Wood, a man who worked at her school.

While it is a story affecting a community 10 hours away, and we are still learning the circumstances of what happened, it is a reminder of conversations that should be happening in homes all across the country.

"We always need to be proactive on informing our kids on what to do if they are placed in any situation of danger," said Officer Kyle Roder with the Eau Claire Police Dept.

Officer Roder says having those talks with kids is essential. Parents can also be proactive, too.

"We really encourage people to sign up for the Amber Alert Network, Crime Alert Network, your local police department's Twitter and Facebook pages," he added.

We also talked with Alison Feigh, the coordinator for the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center by phone on Wednesday. She says they have changed the way the teach kids about abductions - focusing less on strangers and making it more about any adult.

"So what we say instead is any adult that asks you to break a safety rule or gives you that uh-oh feeling tell a trusted adult," she said.

She says after Jacob's kidnapping more people have opened up to talking about abductions and what we can do to help prevent them. She says small things like using the buddy system or listening to our gut feeling can help - and in some cases help prevent the worst.