Traffic crashes in March killed 33 people in Wisconsin

Medical Rescue Ambulance Abstract Photo

Wisconsin Department of Transportation Press Release

Last month, 33 people died in 29 traffic crashes, which was two more traffic fatalities than March 2012 and five more than the five-year average for the month of March, according to preliminary statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

In terms of traffic deaths, last month was tied for the sixth safest month of March since World War II. The safest month of March occurred in 2010 with 23 fatalities, and the deadliest month of March was in 1970 with 99 fatalities.

As of March 31, a total of 103 people have died in Wisconsin traffic crashes during 2013 including one motorcycle driver and eight pedestrians. Traffic deaths through March were eight fewer than during the same period in 2012 and six more than the five-year average.

With April designated by Congress as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, traffic safety officials are reminding motorists that driving requires their undivided attention.

“Despite laws to prevent distracted and inattentive driving, too many motorists talk and text on cell phones while driving. They eat a meal while behind the wheel. They rummage for things on the seats, floor, dashboard or compartments. They even stare intently in the rearview mirror to comb their hair or apply make-up. Their attention is focused everywhere except where it should be, which is on the road,” says State Patrol Major Sandra Huxtable, director of the WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety. “Any lapse in attention to traffic or road conditions is a grave danger not only to drivers but to their passengers and everyone else on the road. No attempt to multi-task in a vehicle, no phone call, and no text message is more important than a human life.”