Truck backs into school building doors

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THORP, Wis. (WEAU) – A school district hopes to fix a pair of doors that a truck damaged last week by this Friday.

Thorp School District Superintendent James Montgomery says on December 28, the wife of a tech ed teacher was backing up a truck to load some lumber near a set of doors in the back of the Thorp school building, when her pant leg got stuck. Montgomery says she told him she thought it was stuck on the brake, and that she probably hit the gas when she tried to free her leg. The truck then slammed into the doors.

“I know she felt absolutely terrible about it,” Montgomery said.

Nobody was hurt. Montgomery says school was not in session when it happened, and nobody was in the area. He says the frame will likely have to be replaced, but nothing else was damaged. Montgomery says he may have a damage estimate by Wednesday, which is when students return to class.