UPDATE: Truck falls through ice on Lake Wissota; Family inside ok

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CHIPPEWA FALL, Wis. (WEAU) -- One local family is safe thanks to quick thinking and helpful strangers, after their truck fell through the ice on lake Wissota.

Chippewa County Sheriff's Department says a family of four was driving on lake Wissota when the ice cracked, and their truck plunged cab first in to the lake. The family was able to get out safely and no injuries were reported.

"The front passenger side was the first portion of the vehicle to break through the ice. The operator was able to open the driver's door and husband and wife crawled out of that door, however that section of the vehicle than went through the ice and the children were able to escape through the slider window in the back of the vehicle,” said Investigator with the Chippewa Falls Sheriff’s Department, Chris Kowalczyk.

But the happy ending would have not been possible without the help of four local fishermen who were at the right place at the right time.

Witnesses say they came to the rescue when the husband was trying to help his wife, whose head was stuck between the vehicles’ door and door frame on the ice; and the children were still in the back seat.

“Seeing the kids’ faces was pretty crazy, cause when we asked them is there anybody else in there and they were like, our kids are in the back; pulling them through the window and watching the water fill up the truck was pretty crazy,” said witness Ryan Hediger.


Chippewa County Sheriff's department says a family of four was driving on Lake Wissota when their truck went through the ice. The dad was able to help his wife and kids out the back hatch and then get out himself. Deputies say no one was injured and the truck will be removed from the lake.


(WEAU)-- A Truck fell through the ice on Lake Wissota this afternoon. We have a crew on scene. The truck is almost submerged and EMS was called to the scene. No word on injuries.