Twitter and Facebook 'confession pages' raise questions about social media

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(WEAU)--Twitter and Facebook 'confession' pages have been popping up in communities across the state.

The pages allow teens and adults to anonymously tweet or post about their sexual activity, alcohol and drug use or to slam other people and communities

The latest one, ‘Chippewa Confessions’ popped up just a week ago and already has more than 150 followers.
But there is ‘Eau Claire Probs,’ ‘Stout Confession’ Facebook page and countless others.
"Anytime you post something you think it’s just between you and your friends. But if it’s on the internet, it can be viewed by anyone, any time,” said Chippewa Falls Police Detective Brian Micolichek.

Brian Micolichek says police departments can investigate any criminal activity posted online.

With ‘Chippewa Confessions’ people post on the twitter page through a third party website, so their names are not attached to it.

Micholichek says that can make tracking a post more difficult, but not impossible.

“Can you get a web address and find out what you where it was posted from, and the day and time? Yes we can,” said Micolichek.