Tying a tie, forging relationships in the classroom

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Preparing for an interview doesn't typically include studying how to tie a Windsor or Pratt knot. But, a local Chippewa Valley Technical College instructor says this task could mean the difference in getting a job or not. And, learning to tie a tie, is also forging relationships between teacher and students.

It all started years ago when Layne Yost started buying a professional work wardrobe, and ties were a little bit pricey for his budget.

Layne Yost said, "I made an agreement with the sales clerk. If you'll teach me to tie a tie, I will buy the tie. He walked me through over and over and over that taught me a good impression and I want to pass that along."

So for the last eight years, Yost, a CVTC criminal justice instructor, holds a class on tying ties.

Realizing that sometimes the little things, could mean the difference in landing a job in a tight economy.

Student Dane Wisniewski said, "Appearance in this type of job is everything. You don't want to come up to someone looking like a slob." Student Mark Pfaffe said, "You don't always think about tying a tie and just overall presence and it's a key part of getting hired. You just want to be that much better than everyone else."

And while Yost teaches tie -tying 101 to a room full of students, a connection is made.

Dane Wisniewski said, "He does this on his own time. He does this out of the goodness of his heart so we can better ourselves." Mark Pfaffe said, "Mr. Yost always goes above and beyond for us, especially when we're trying to get a job."

Yost says he typically holds the class for CVTC students once a year usually in February or March.

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